2023 Retiree Survey Landing Page

2023 Annual Survey

Retiree Survey

Do you have a retiree travel program?

What is your carrier’s criteria for employees to be eligible for retiree / lifetime pass travel?

Do you have a minimum age requirement for retiree privileges?

Which best describes your age requirement?

Do you require continuous years of service until retirement to qualify for travel privileges?

Do leave of absence (temporary / short term) count towards any minimum service requirements?

Do you allow employee to retire from an extended leave of absence?

Do you have a different minimum service requirement for online vs offline travel?

If you make changes to the criteria for retirement, do you grandfather existing active employee?

Do you audit your retirees’ pass riders to ensure they are still eligible?

Please briefly describe your auditing process:

Do you extend online pass travel privileges to survivors of deceased retirees?

Please select the statement which best describes their travel:

Is travel granted for only a limited period of time or for the lifetime of the survivor?

If the survivor remarries, do you continue to receive lifetime travel privileges?

Do you extend offline pass privileges to survivors of deceased retirees?

Do you offer a guest/buddy pass program for retirees?

How many guest/buddy passes do retirees receive annually?

Are your retirees subject to the same fee/charge as an active employee?

What is the retiree’s pass riding priority?